Hyper parts

For decades we manufactured valves, complete packings, sealing rings and piston rings for hyper compressors which have been successful in meeting the sealing and life requirements in all kind of applications up to 3500 bar.

Our range of delivery:


This type of poppet valve consists of two poppets. Valve body, seat and quard.
Other valves like multiple poppet valves are also supplied. They are manufactured of the highest strength steel.


Our high-pressure packings are specially designed for each application. Two different types of packings are available:

  •  Packing cups of two or three single housings of different materials are shrunk together.
  • Housing cups which are completed with the cylinder-bush and the valve intermediate piece.


Sealing rings for hyper compressors are designed in various shapes. They are generally made with radial and tangent cuts. 3-piece or 6-piece tangent types, the latter manufactured of two different materials. Various special bronze qualities for hyper application are used with outstanding success. Thermo plastic material is also available up to a certain pressure.


For plunger sealing KRANZ has developed a 3-partite piston ring manufactured of special bronze which has proven its quality for years in various different hyper compressors.

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