Our Service offer:

Repair and reconditioning of Valves, packings and piston rods, even from other manufacturers.

Valves are subject to constant wear and are also frequently exposed to heavy contamination. Regular maintenance  dependent on the actual operating conditions  is therefore an absolute must.

We offer a maintenance and repair service for all valves, irrespective of their type or origin. This service includes dismantling, cleaning, rectification and any necessary replacement of individual parts. The valves are then tested to ensure that they are working perfectly, using the latest test and inspection methods.

The packing housings also wear during the course of time. The sealing surfaces in particular no longer fulfil their function and have to be reconditioned. We will repair your packings, no matter what type or make they are. The packings are disassembled, cleanded, reconditioned and if necessary completed with individual housings. After lapping the sealing surfaces, the packing is reassembled with new sealing elements and you get back a packing as good as new.


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